Sick error: Standalone enqueue server & ENQ work processes shall not be configured at the same time in sap

By | November 27, 2019

Hi mate, we will get the above sick error in few cases., like when we upgrade sap kernel directly to 7.45 and above versions from lower versions. Also it may occur if you define the enqueue work process in that kernel releases. The SICK error message will raise like 

This de-support of enqueue work process as of release SAP_BASIS 7.50. This changes were implemented due the Enqueue work process leads to performance problems when using it within multiple SAP instance systems. 

SAP Enq wp is no longer supported in the below versions.

  • New S/4 Hana product.
  • Multi-instance systems of SAP Business suite 7 innovation-2016.

SAP SICK Solution :

To over come from this issue, Here we have to use the enqueue standalone server. The Enq standalone server means a system with classical ABAP central instance containing an enqueue work process can be migrate to a system with enq standalone server using a migration procedure offered by SAP Netweaver software delivery tool. This server offers the best performance and better scalability for large systems like system with two or more dialog instances.

Note: It is standard for All new installation & also it’s mandatory for High Availability (HA) setups.

Parameters for Enqueue Standalone Servers :

To use enqueue standalone server, the below parameters must should be set in the respective system profiles.

  • enqueue/process_location = REMOTESA
  • rdisp/wp_no_enq = 0

Also please make sure that no longer an enq process is defined in the operation modes, when ever we use ENQ standalone server. If it’s already defined, then recommended to delete the operation mode before the system is started with enq standalone server. Once the system got up then re-create the operation modes with the “based on current status” function in RZ04.


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