How to move the Cursor scroll up, down and right & left on PC screen as fast & quick

By | June 4, 2017

Hi mate, Here this cursor scroll trick is good to know. It’s help to you a lot, while working on PC. It definitely reduce your irritation. It is really flexible to you. So let’s start to know more about it.

General occurred situations :

  • Nowadays every theory comes under digital form in online computer/mobile browsers. And here the content is available in the form of web pages with many rows…Right!
  • Even though, in offline also, We have many file formats to store the theory/content like Excel, MS word, PDF & Text and so on.
  • So, generally you will use the arrow buttons or resp page button to read above all type of contents.
  • But it’ll take some time. To avoid this situation, Please follow the below trick.

Trick :

  • When ever your going through big pages, here it is little bit difficult to move page up & down or left & right. I mean, we are not comfortable right!
  • You can easily over come from this issue by using External/Hand Mouse or New generation mouse pad also works.
  • The having scroll button as like below right..
  • For that, just you need to click on that scroll button instead of scrolling the button. Then one new cursor will appear on the screen.
  • Then it will convert in to respective direction arrow. It can move every 45° of  vertical & Horizontal line in the page.
  • It move very fast than normal speed.
  • This trick is also works for offline files like MS word, MS Excel. Even though it’s work for PDF but you should hold the scroll button to move.
  • The New generation laptop mouse pads also build with this option. For that you should move the cursor up & down with two fingers at a time.

Thank you!!

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