How to install Apache web server / Content server / DMS in Linux – Intel, IBM Power

By | September 30, 2018

Hi mate, there are many ways to deploy the Apache web server application in Linux. But in this Article, i’ll guide you, the best way to deploy it for Content server/ Document management system.  Also will share the idea on sap content server application installation & further back end sap systems configuration in detail.

Agenda :

  • Fulfil the Hardware prerequisites.
  • RPM packages installation
  • Apache dependency libraries deployment
  • Apache Web Server installation
  • Content_server installation.
  • SAP Back end systems configuration
  • Content/Apache server start & stop procedures

Prerequisites :

  • For Content Server in Unix, pre-installed Apache(≤2.2.9) web server must & should be available.
  • For Apache installation, the below things should be available.
    • Required environmental variables should be set as per Hardware & follow the sap note 664384
    • Also required RPM packages should be installed
    • ANSI C or GNU compiler
    • Also need to be configured, required dependency libraries. But these libraries are available by default up to the version 2.2.9.
      • Apr
      • Apr-util
      • Pcre
  • Required scripts :
    • ./configure
    • make
    • make install

Step by step Procedure :

  • First of all, we need to create the required user like ‘sapcs’ with home directory as ‘/usr/users/sapcs’ or ‘/home/sapcs’. Do not provide the admin rights to prevent unnecessary installations. But don’t use the default directory : ‘/usr/local/’.
  • Assign the user to sapsys & sapinst groups.
  • If your are trying to install the Cache server as well, then create another user like ‘sapcsc’ with different home directory like ‘/home/sapcsc’.
  •  Now set the required environmental variable as per the note 664384 in your Unix Hardware. Also make sure that required RPM packages available.
  • Now move the downloaded Apache Httpd  zip file to respective user home directory. You can unzip files by using below commands.
    • gunzip -c httpd-2.4.35.tar.bz2 | tar xvf –
  • Make sure that, you have to install the web server separately for both Content & Cache server.
  • You can deploy the Apache server with below configuration script.
    • ./configure –prefix=/usr/users/sapcs –enable-modshared=MODULE-LIST=most -with-mpm=MPM=prefork -eith-expat=builtin –with-included-apr
    • make
    • make install
  • Install content server with web server home directory as /usr/users/sapcs.



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