SMTP/SCOT – SAP Mail Configuation – step by step procedure

By | October 3, 2016

Hi mate!! You do not know, how to configure mail configuration – SMTP/SCOT in SAP. Don’t worry, Here I will explain in step by step procedure as below. And also I will explain different options available and their use and drawbacks.


Prerequisites for SCOT Configuration :

Before Scot configuration, we need to Enable Protocol through parameter and need to active the Host services. For that you need to follow the below steps…

  • Enabled SMTP protocol in DEV system (Which system you want to configure) through parameter[Tcode-Rz10]
    Parameter : icm/server_prot_2
    Value : PROT=SMTP,PORT=25000,TIMEOUT=600
  • Now Activate the Host service by using the transaction code SCIF.
  • Then need to Restart the ICM at SAP level [Tcode-SMICM].

Note :

If your server is in distributed landscape or in Cloud rather than Email Host, then you need map the SAP server public IP and also do the host entry of that IP with global domain name in that mail server. Then only, it will be delivered.

SCOT (SMTP) – Mail Configuration :

  • For SAP Mail configuration, we need to configure the “SMTP” node through SCOT.
  • First of all login to, which system you want suppose to configure the Mail like in Development or in Quality or in Production system.
  • Then run the transaction code SCOT in the transaction field then you can able see the screen like as below…
  • You can create SMTP node from here. And here two ways you can create it. One is, we can create the node using wizard and second one is without wizard
  • Create Node using wizard :

    • Now select the pencil with the wizard, then you will get the below screen…
    • Give the Node name and description as like above.
    • then click on continue and you will get the another screen.
    • Here you need to provide Mail Host and mil port and give security if you want.
    • Then click on continue. Then…
    • Each node having several address types, So you need to select address type generally we use “Internet” address type. then click on continue.
    • Specify the address area for which the node is to be responsible. Better to provide as a star. then continue it.
    • Specify the output formats into which documents in SAP-internal formats are to be converted as like below screenshot otherwise give what ever you want .
    • Then continue for further then it will show conformation screen for address type and in that, you can also provide other address types. Here, RAW text should be TXT, otherwise your output of the body text is appear in different way.
    • If you give it as PDF then body txt of inbound mail is appear as pdf file.
    • Then, it will ask the Maximum waiting time for repeat send attempt procedure. So, provide what time you want. Then click on continue. That’s it, your node will create successfully.
  • Create Node without wizard :

    • By selecting this option, What ever your enter in the above process, you can enter & provide in a single window like as below image.
    • Fill the above fields and click on tick mark. That’s it your node will create.
  • Then go to settings in SCOT, like as shown in the below pathSCOT –>Business Communication Administration–>Settings–>Outbound Messages–>SettingsThen give the Default Domain” name like as shown in below screen shot.2016-10-02_21-11-05
  • Now, In the same path, select the “Send jobs” option. Then Activate and Scheduled Send job with the same selected address type.
  • Now do it, a test mail using the transaction code : SO01 [Business workplace of  Admin].
  • Then check in session of Send request by using the T-code : SOST.

For Gmail Host :

If you have gmail as a mail host sever for your company, then you must and should follow the below steps. Then only, the configuration will works perfectly.

Prerequisites for Gmail Host : 

  • Mail Host :
  • Mail Port  : 587, 465 or 25
  • SMTP Authentication details

Here, We need to use the mail host as, which is gmail default service provided by Google. Then we need to configure the ports as 587 for TLS security or 465 for SSL security or also we can use port 25.  If you use 25 as mail port, then the mail can only be sent to Gmail/G Suite users and TLS also not required. For this port, is the host .

Use ‘Default SSL client’ as client identity & set the security authentication details like user name as “” and password. Remaining configuration is same.

Thank you!!

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  1. Joe

    Hi Team,
    Under “Outbound messages”, I’m unable to find the “Send Jobs” item. How to add this item under “Outbound messages”?

    Best Regards,


    1. multitechbuzz Post author

      “Send job” option is not available under ‘Outbound/Inbound messages’.
      It is available only under the settings. You need to schedule the job over there.


  2. Praveen

    Hi Team,

    I have an issue configuring the SCOT, how to know the Mail host in my system or is it of the mail server???
    Could you pls tell me on this…. I am getting the error as invalid recipient.

    Followed below blog for config.



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