SAP Basis Administrator roles & responsibilities including Hana, S4 Fiori, Solution Manager

By | March 2, 2019

Dear, you should know the all roles & tasks responsibilities as a SAP Basis Consultant. Here, I will try to give the information on daily, weekly and monthly base activities including S4 Hana, Fiori, Solution Manager 7.1/7.2 and on Hana Databases and other DB’s.

Definition of SAP Basis

The SAP Basis Administrator is responsible for the management of the SAP environment. Other responsibilities like implementing, configuring and troubleshooting the sap technical environment. As well as scheduling and executing the sap transport system.

The consultant is also responsible for installation, upgrade and maintenance of SAP systems.

Additional Roles & Responsibilities :

Additionally the consultant should able to do configuration, monitoring and tuning of the sap technical environment.  Also able to design of interfaces between the SAP and external systems, optimize and analyze the performance issues, design the architecture of the landscape.

He should be able to…

  • Create the roles using different methods like transactions, direct objects, missing authorizations, restrictions and etc.
  • Do client administration like local client copy, remote client, client export/import and create & deleting the clients.
  • Create and restore data backups.
  • Do printer or spool configuration & administration.
  • Manage the database & buffer space allocation.

SAP Basis Administration Task List :

Daily Tasks :

  • Check SAP system is up & running.
  • Check the all backup operation results.   DB12, DBACOCKPIT etc..
  • Check DB/SAP/OS system logs.   DB02, SM12, OS
  • Check CCMS alerts.   RZ20
  • Check all work process status for every 30 min.   SM50
  • Check the background (BTC) jobs status.   SM37
  • Check the lock table and  failed updates.   SM12, SM13
  • Check the user operations such as failed logon and locked users.   SUIM, EWZ5
  • Check SAPDBA calendar status.
  • Check dumps status.   ST22
  • Check response time, CPU Utilizations & memory usage.   SMLG, ST06, ST02
  • Check SAP performance and usage issues.
  • Check the data base performance & free space.
  • Also check the Archive directory status.

Weekly Tasks:

  • Cleanup spool.   SPAD, SP12
  • Clean up the transport buffers.   STMS, STMS_IMPORT
  • Run TemSe object consistency check.  SP12
  • Check the spool requests.   SP01, SP02
  • Review the security audit log.
  • Check database consistency.
  • Monitor the total DB growth & free space.
  • Monitor the table size growth.
  • Analyze Early Watch Alerts reports.

Monthly Task:

  • Defragment the memory.
  • Monitor the Database growth.
  • Check the directory structure.
  • Cleanup the old logs.

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