How to become an affiliate ?

By | September 10, 2016

This is the best and easy money earning field. Now lot of e-commerce websites are providing this type of affiliate earning programming field. Most popular e-commerce websites are :

  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • ….etc.

Procedure for to become a partner with Flipkart :

Go to, then press CTRl+F. Then you will get a search box, in that you need to search as “affiliate”. After that you will get a affiliate option in that web page. From that you can create Flipkart Affiliate Account.


Just go to It will directly brings you to flipkart_affiliate home page. From there you easily create Affiliate@flipkart account.

Step by step procedure to sign up the Affiliate#flipkart account :

Some mandatory things required to sign up for the same. Those are given as below,

  • Website or blog
  • Email
  • Bank account
  • Address
  • PAN card

After all above things you have then go to Home page of affiliate as per above discussion. Then sign up with blog or website details and address and PAN number. And at the same time you need to select payment method. Here we have two ddifferent methods are available, those are

  1. Gift card
  2. EFT

With the gift card, you will get the money as gift _card balance to your Amazon account.

And with EFT, first of all, you need provide PAN number and bank account number and IFC number while creating an account. Then you will get the money directly to your account.

Then login to your account, then create banners with any products or clothes or etc. Then put those ads(banners) in your blog or website.

If suppose any one buy the products through your ads, then you will get the commission as per commission rates provided by the Flipkart.

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