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By | June 12, 2016

I am came with New product, e.i., “Geo Orbital”GeoOrbital01

In this present fast growing world, we have different types of technology vehicles with different ranges of Cubic Centimeters(cc) and different types of classic design vehicles are available in the market even though the people interesting to buy bicycles because of very comfortable and it also helpful as a good exercise and no other fuel required and also get these type of vehicles within affordable price. And these are non polluted vehicles.But some times you need to go to long distance or some time you do not having much energy to run the peddle or some time you want to go without running peddle smoothly … Right!!

So, what are you waiting for, here is one product “Geo Orbital”, this will satisfies you above discussed topics.
Really it is a good product. let us know about the product.

About GeoOrbital :

The GeoOrbital is a Electric wheel which having One brush less motor and one lithium li-ion battery and one flat proof tire and standard bike lock system and One USB port is also available for charging other device(like mobiles, tabs, ipads and etc…). And these all arranged by using an Aerospace-grade aluminium uni body within that flat proof tire.

aszxIt does not having any standard inflatable tube and tire. But the whole setup f this product is quite a bit heavier than than a traditional bicycle wheel. That may not be an issue because we can easily install this wheel to any bicycle as front wheel with in a minute.

Have look at this video…

GeoOrbital specifications :
Size        : 26″(66cm) and 700C(also fits 28″/29″)
Color     : Boston silver
Speed    : 29m/h
Battery  : 6Amh and 10Amh
Motor    : 500w
Price      : $799.99 [$949.99] – Now It’s Available as Pre-order only


If you would like … Pre-Order HERE


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